The Verge on New USDOT Report "Beyond Driving"


Chris Ziegler writes on The Verge that: "The US Department of Transportation just released Beyond Traffic, a study best described as a dire warning about how the country's arterial lines will clog and implode over the next several decades. As far as USDOT secretary Anthony Foxx is concerned, pretty much everything is in bad shape and getting worse: roadways, railways, waterways, the whole nine yards." But the USDOT seems to be "really excited about millennials and ride-sharing," notes The Verge. The study makes reference to several trends unique to younger people — a downturn in driving paired with a huge uptick in the acceptance of technology. "Data enables innovative transportation options, such as car-sharing, ride-sharing, and pop-up bus services, and more rapid delivery of goods." Check out The Verge's slide deck on the report.

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