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What is shared use mobility?

National Resources Defense Council

The marketplace for shared use mobility (SUM) in Denver is expanding and evolving. New and existing shared use mobilities are a key compliment to local and mass transit, and will ultimately help Denver build a more equitable, walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly metropolitan region. This overview from NRDC [PDF] serves to introduce SUM typologies, service providers, and technologies in Denver that address our mobility needs.

7 Services Expanding Mobility for Aging Americans

Shared Use Mobility Center

More than one in five older Americans cannot drive, due to factors such as declining health, poor eyesight or lack of access to a private auto. Many also have difficulty reaching and using public transit, and options such as paratransit are not always available. As a result, these seniors end up isolated – unable to make it to needed medical appointments, run errands or visit with family and friends. 

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Can Ridesourcing Companies Contribute To Livable Streets And The Vision Zero Movement?

Transit Center

Aaron Naparstek kicked off one of the first sessions at TransportationCamp NYC, an unconference focused on innovations in transportation, with this provocative question: Can ridesourcing companies contribute to the Livable Streets and Vision Zero movement? Livable Streets and Vision Zero convey two visionary ideas. Livable Streets is a vision for transportation where the streets are ones that support daily life for all kinds of people. Vision Zero is one where all policies that touch transportation – engineering, design, enforcement, education – hold no tolerance for traffic crashes that cause injury or death. Injuries and fatalities are seen as preventable incidents, not as inevitable.

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