Download the program and presentations here:


Download pdf of program

Gloria Ohland, policy and communications director at Move LA, explains why we need carshare/bikeshare/rideshare to connect LA County's 89 cities to the rapidly expanding transit system: download pdf of presentation.

Susan Shaheen, co-director of UC Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center, on "Shared Mobility: From Definitions to Market Trends and Impacts": download pdf of presentation.

Sharon Feigon, executive director of the Shared Use Mobility Center in Chicago, on "Shared Use Mobility in Los Angeles": download pdf of presentation.

Tim Papandreou, director of strategic planning and policy, San Francisco MTA, on "Lift Off: Getting Carsharing, Bikesharing & Ridesharing Off the Ground in SoCal": download pdf of presentation.

Stuart Cohen, executive director of TransForm in the Bay Area, on "Integrating Shared Use Mobility into Land Use and Housing": download pdf of presentation.

Melinda Pollack, vice president, TOD, for Enterprise Community Partners, on "Equitable Transit-Oriented Development: Making the Most of the Transit Investment": download pdf of presentation.

Juan Sebastian Arias, program associate at Living Cities, on "How Can Shared Mobility Help Connect Low-Income People to Opportunity?": download pdf of presentation.

Hannu Penttila, Helsinki, Finland, on "Helsinki Region for a Sustainable Future": download pdf of presentation.



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