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8:00 AM
Registration Open, Breakfast Available, New Mobility Expo Open for Viewing

9:00 AM
Welcome and Opening of LIVE • RIDE • SHARE
Leslie Ito, President and CEO, Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
Michael Woo, Dean of the College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, former LA City Councilmember and LA City Planning Commissioner (MC)
Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Governments

9:10 AM
Opening Jolt: Can Shared Mobility Help Us Achieve Our Goals More Quickly, Cost-Effectively and Creatively Than We Thought Possible?
Technological innovation, shifting attitudes and preferences, the explosion of the sharing economy, and the unprecedented expansion of SoCal’s rail and bus system will together offer residents and visitors more mobility options than ever before. Consider these trends in the context of statewide opportunities: implementation of the California’s sustainable communities and climate law (SB375), the availability of Cap and Trade funding, and new CEQA standards. Then consider the local backdrop: With 5 rail lines under construction and a new sales tax measure for more transportation improvements under discussion for 2016, the stage is set for an emerging “new mobility marketplace.” Not only will it be possible to lower our carbon footprint, minimize traffic, improve air quality, increase access to opportunity, and improve public health, but SoCal could become the national model for new mobility.
David Bragdon, Executive Director, TransitCenter
Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director for Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council

9:30 AM
Shared Mobility Past, Present and Future:
Making Sense of SoCal’s Emerging Mobility Marketplace

The LA region has embarked on an enormous transit system expansion, and shared mobility can enhance the transit rider experience, especially by providing first/last mile connections. But what is the difference between ride-sharing and ride-sourcing, and between point-to-point, peer-to-peer and traditional carsharing? And what impact will these new options – plus bike sharing – have on the status quo? Hear about the new services and the systemic changes required to reach the tipping point for broad public use. New research commissioned for this conference will quantify the potential to reduce GHG emissions, traffic, and the cost of the commute.
Moderator: Gloria Ohland, Policy & Communications Director, Move LA
• Susan Shaheen, Director of Innovative Mobility Research, UC-Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center
• Sharon Feigon, Executive Director of the Shared Use Mobility Center

10:15 AM
The Economic Case for Shared-Use Mobility in Southern California
Why should businesses care about shared-use mobility and what does it mean for their bottom lines and for the regional economy? Business leaders will discuss how shared-use mobility – and lower transportation costs – can increase SoCal’s competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent, as well as ancillary benefits such as safer streets and being able to live without the cost of owning a car. 
Moderator: Tracy Rafter, CEO, Los Angeles County Business Federation
• David Grannis, President & CEO, pointC
• Joseph Kopser, CEO, RideScout
• April Economides, President of Green Octopus Consulting, Board Member, Long Beach Transit

10:45 AM
Jump Up!
Audience members react and share ideas about how shared-use mobility could help to address transportation needs.

11:00 AM
Lift-Off: Getting Car-sharing, Bike-sharing and Ride-sharing
Off the Ground in SoCal

What will it take to get a seamless and affordable transportation system that makes car ownership a choice and not a necessity? Car-, bike- and ride-share providers and government leaders will talk about the challenges and opportunities in ramping up new mobility options: What do providers need from the public sector, and what does government need from providers? The goal is to ID specific near-term policy changes.
Moderator: Tim Papandreou, Director of Strategic Planning and Policy, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
• Mike Bonin, LA City Councilmember and LA Metro Board Member
• Diego Cardoso, Executive Officer Countywide Planning & Development, LA Metro
• Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of the LA Department of Transportation
• Jacki Bacharach, Executive Director of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments
• Emily Castor, Director of Community Engagement at Lyft
• Mike Mikos, Director of Strategic Development at Car2Go
• Justin Holmes, Director of Corporate Communications, Zipcar
• Casey Barnes, Group Rideshare Manager, Enterprise Rideshare
• Tamika Butler, Executive Director, LA County Bicycle Coalition

12:15 PM
Break for Lunch
Take your boxed lunch outside for informal networking or to visit the Sponsor Expo!

12:45 PM
Lunch Speakers: Moving Beyond Private Car Ownership by Creating More, Better-Integrated Next Generation Transportation Choices
Interviewer: Aaron Paley, Executive Director, CicLAvia
• Ben Plowden, Director of Strategy and Planning, Surface Transport, Transport for London
• Sonja Heikkila, Senior Advisor at Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

1:30 PM
First Round of Breakouts Session 1: What Shared Mobility Means for Developers and the Affordability of Housing
A few car-sharing spaces in a new housing development in Berkeley eliminated the need for a $2.5 million parking garage. With VMT replacing LOS as the new traffic impact analysis framework under CEQA, could providing carshare memberships and transit passes to residents of new buildings replace parking requirements and reduce the cost of development?
Moderator: Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director of the West Angeles Community Development Corporation
Gail Goldberg, Executive Director of ULI Los Angeles and Strategic Growth Council Member
• Mott Smith, Co-founder & Principal of Civic Enterprise
• Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of Transform
• Yuval Bar-Zemer, Principal of Linear City

1:30 PM
First Round of Breakouts Session 2: How Sharing Complements
— Or Competes With — Transit

The battle between taxi companies and Lyft and Uber continues to rage in the media, but the impact of car-share and bike-share on transit isn’t often talked about. Some studies show that car- and bike-sharing complement transit by making people feel more comfortable with the idea of giving up a car, or by helping solve the first/last mile issue; other studies suggest car-sharing can pull choice riders away from transit. How can new services and existing systems be designed to complement each other?
Moderator: Oliver Hartleben, Coordinator, IBI Think
• Jeff Chernik, CEO and Founder of RideAmigos
• Jay Kim, Principal Transportation Engineer, LA Department of Transportation 
• Morgan Whitcomb, Transportation Engineer, Sam Schwartz Engineering
• Rey Leon, Founder and Executive Director of Valley LEAP (Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Project)

1:30 PM
First Round of Breakouts Session 3: A Local Showcase
LA has been called the Achilles heel of car-sharing because car-sharing hasn’t taken off here as it has, for example, in Austin, Chicago, Seattle or San Francisco. But familiarity with Uber and Lyft as well as the new popularity of car-free lifestyles is now driving SoCal interest in the full spectrum of shared-use options including car-share, bike-share, vanpools and shuttles, and the apps that make it all work:
Moderator: Hilary Norton, Executive Director, FAST (Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic)
• Devon Deming, Rideshare Program Manager, Los Angeles World Airports: vanpools, vRide, Metro ExpressLanes
• Sherri Franklin, Founder and Principal, Urban Design Center: Leimert Park People Street
• Michael Kodama, Executive Director, Eco-Rapid Transit: shared-use mobility and economic development from Burbank to downtown LA to Artesia
• Penny Menton, Senior Associate Director, UCLA Transportation: shared-use and Governor Brown's highest environmental award in 2014
Lisa Padilla, Principal of Cityworks Design: Union Station Linkages Study
• David Donovan, Associate Director of Operations, USC Transportation: implementing shared use mobility in USC's new general plan
• Irv Taylor, Regional Development Manager, McKissack & McKissack
• Sarah Shaw, Vice President of Development & Operations, Constellation Place and Century City Center: shared-use mobility, the sustainable workplace and the Century City TMO
• Philip Hockwald, Vice President Business Operations Division, Famima: in-store mobility hubs serving bicycle and transit riders
• Javier Hernandez, Transportation Deputy and Pomona Office Director for LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis: shared-use mobility in the San Gabriel Valley
• Herbert Higginbotham, Project Manager, Accenture: MyRide, a shared-use mobility app and innovative system
• Matt Jurjevich, Market Research Analyst, BYD: electric vehicles and the shared-use economy

1:30-4:30 PM

Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) Workshop:
How to Achieve Scale in Southern California

This first-of-its-kind, hands-on workshop is a collaborative 3-hour session for practitioners – shared mobility operators, city and agency leaders and neighborhood experts – interested in launching, integrating and growing shared-use systems in places large and small. 

First round of breakouts: LA Taxicab Commission President Eric Spiegelman joins Uber's Eyal Gutentag and Lyft's Emily Castor to discuss the future of taxis and Transportation Networking Companies (TNCs). Walter Rosenkranz from Car2Go and Ted Bardacke from the City of Los Angeles discuss carsharing opportunities, and Eric Bruins of the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition talks with industry leaders about implementing bikesharing.

Second round of breakouts: Enterprise Rideshare's Casey Barnes and RidePal's Brian Moore focus on vanpools and shuttles. Then Sandra McNeill from Trust South LA, Jay Kim of LA DOT, and Jacob Lieb of LA Metro discuss how to grow carsharing and bikesharing in L.A.’s densest communities, while Terry O’Day of NRG evgo and Fred Dock of the City of Pasadena talk about shared use in smaller cities. LADOT GM Seleta Reynolds provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges, and others share their experiences from L.A. and cities around the world.

Space in the workshop is limited, and participants must RSVP to attend.
After registering for the conference, c
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2:45 – 3:00 PM
Afternoon Break

3:00 PM
Second Round of Breakouts Session 1:
Shared Mobility for All — An Ongoing Collaboration

There's little info on how to make carsharing and bikesharing work in low-income communities, and little experience to suggest they can work. Simply putting cars in neighborhoods won't help people if they don't have bank accounts. And for-profit companies aren't likely to serve low-income communities without subsidy — and there aren't many nonprofit carshares. Moreover, launching an electric or even hybrid carsharing effort is really expensive, though it's needed in communities disproportionately burdened by pollution. This session offers some solutions!
Moderator: Fernando Cázares, LA Regional Coordinator – Urban Solutions, NRDC
• Adrian F. Vazquez, Environment & Transportation Lead, Office of Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon
• Bahram Fazelli, Director of Research and Policy, Communities for a Better Environment
• Isela Gracian, Vice President of Operations, East LA Community Corporation
• Thomas Yee, Initiative Officer, LA THRIVES, Low-Income Investment Fund

3:00 PM
Second Round of Breakouts Session 2:
Opportunities for Public Sector Investment in Car- and Bike-sharing

There suddenly seem to be new revenue sources for new mobility choices in California — what with the Cap & Trade program and the buzz about a new sales tax measure for transportation on the 2016 ballot (which could provide $45 billion over 30 years). Should mobility hubs be included in what is being called “Measure R2”?
Moderator: Denny Zane, Executive Director, Move LA
 • Kate White, Deputy Secretary of Environmental Policy and Housing Coordination, California State Transportation Agency
 • David Yale, Managing Executive Officer, Planning, Programming and Grants, LA Metro
 • Ruben Aronin, Vice President, Outreach and Communications, The Better World Group
 • Jessica Meaney, Managing Director, Investing In Place

3:00 PM
Second Round of Breakouts Session 3: The Shared Mobility Ecosystem
Several concurrent initiatives to create walkable, bike-friendly, transit-connected communities will help shared-use mobility thrive. These include LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets initiative, re-zonings around transit stations, and investment in mixed-use development, place-making and more public spaces. Shared-use mobility (SUM) is all about the total being greater than the “sum” of its parts!
Moderator: Nat Gale, Great Streets Program Director, Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti
• Hannu Pentilla, Chairperson, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Planning Board
• Claire Bowin, Senior Planner, City of LA Planning Department
• Melinda Pollock, Vice President, Enterprise Community Partners
• Brad Rosenheim, CEO, Rosenheim & Associates
• Ruben Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Political Affairs, LA Area Chamber of Commerce

4:15 – 4:30 PM

4:30 PM
Catalyzing Action: What are the Next Steps?
Michael Woo, Live Ride Share MC
Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LA Department of Transportation

5:15 PM
Join conference speakers, sponsors and attendees for beverages, appetizers and networking.


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