LA Organizations Could Compete for State Funding for Low-Income Car-share Pilots


When Cap & Trade dollars began flowing last year the California Air Resources Board set aside $2.5 million for low-income car-share pilots in communities deemed to be “disadvantaged” through the state’s CalEnviroScreen, which IDs communities burdened by multiple sources of pollution. LA could do well by this program, as most of these disadvantaged communities are in Southern California. It's not a lot of money but enough to gin up interest, and more than a dozen LA community-based organizations have been meeting to talk about responding to the RFP in February. They're working with Creighton Randall of the Shared Use Mobility Center, who used to run Buffalo CarShare, the company that convinced CARB that low-income car-share was a viable business model. Read more on the LA THRIVES blog and meet Creighton at Live Ride Share!

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