Amanda Pledges to Ditch Her Car for Live Ride Share!!!

AmandaGivesUpCar.jpgIn the spirit of Live Ride Share, conference partner Amanda Eaken, deputy director of NRDC's Urban Solutions Group, has decided to sell her Prius and live the car(e)-free lifestyle! As she writes on NRDC's Switchboard blog: My name is Amanda Eaken and I'm a walking, biking, transit-riding hypocrite. All this time I've been advocating sustainable transportation choices and shared mobility, and yet I still own my own car. I'm counting on you, dear readers, to hold me to this pledge: My family and I will live car-free in San Francisco beginning on this date: Feb. 23, the date of Live Ride Share: SoCal's Emerging Mobility Marketplace, a first of its kind in Southern California and a conference we've been planning for more than a year. READ MORE.



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